At Athletic Lab there is no weaker gender. We take pride in developing strong, confident and athletic women. Consider the following numbers:

  • We have 4 women who can do over 20 pullups (with 2 over 30 and a women’s record of 34)
  • We gave 6 women who can power clean more than their body weight (with a women’s record of 209 at a body weight of 160)
  • We have 5 women who deep squat more than 1.5 times their body weight (with three over double their body weight and a record of 352 lbs)
  • We have 2 women who can vertical jump over 28 inches

The best part is none of these women look manly or musclebound. On the contrary, they are models of fitness and athleticism. Our women lift weights and do exercises in a way that doesn’t make them bulky or masculine. They slim down where they want and build up where they want.
Join one of our classes today to see how you can do the same.