Athletic Lab will begin a new training schedule for 2011 next Monday. This revised training schedule adds training opportunities for our Scholastic and Cary CrossFit classes. Here’s the schedule with notable written changes below.

Please note the following changes:

  • We have added a 9:15 am CrossFit class on Mondays and Thursday. We are requesting you RSVP the day before the class to ensure that we are appropriately staffed.
  • Scholastic classes are now offered EVERY DAY at 3:45 am and 5 pm and we will be implementing a rotating theme for each day that will allow us to better serve the demands of each sport. Look out for an upcoming blog on how this new format will allow us to improve the quality of our services and the benefits of training.
  • Cary CrossFit / Performance Fitness training sessions will meet at Monday through Friday at 7 am, 5 pm, and 6 pm as well as an 11 am Saturday session.
  • Olympic Weightlifting sessions will continue to take place on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm.