You sleep less than your body needs so your cortisol levels are really high and growth hormone levels are low. You wake up and if you eat breakfast at all it’s the quickest possible solution with little nutritive value and requires no activity to prepare. You hop in your car and sit for 15-30 minutes as you drive to work. At work, you find the closest possible parking spot to your front office door and park there so you don’t have to walk. When you’ve walked the hundred or so feet to your office building and if you’re office is on the second floor you probably take an elevator up to your floor. Then you work 8 hours at a desk while sitting for 90% of the time. If you eat lunch it’s likely something similar to your breakfast, or worse…you go out to eat an throw calorie-laden junk in your body. Then you take the elevator back down stairs, walk the hundred feet to your car and get in and sit for another 20 minutes as you drive home. On the way maybe you pick up a prepared meal for the family. Then you get home, sit and eat dinner, and then sit on the coach for 3-5 hours as you watch tv. Because you’re hungry before bedtime you eat a bowl of ice cream before tucking in and repeating this entire process all over again.

That scenario is the average day for millions of Americans around the country. With cars, elevators, escalators, strategically created parking lots, computers, the internet, TV remotes and dozens of other technological advances we’ve engineered physical activity out of our day. Heck, we rarely have to stand in line anymore. Most don’t fix their own house or car. Many don’t garden or clean there own home. Even if you eat healthy, the fruits and veggies are pre-cut and pealed, the sauces are made, and in many cases things are already cooked so we don’t even have to expend energy cooking…much less hunting, foraging, planting, gathering and preparing the food.

So what’s a 21st century man or woman to do? Try to keep the aforementioned points in mind will go a long way. Park further away from your destination. Forgo the elevator for the stairs. Hand prepare your own meals. Use a push mower instead of a riding mower. That’ll get you headed in the right path. And then consider taking our Performance Fitness class. You can come as little as 2 times a week and get fit. There are no gimmicks or short cuts though. The trick is that you’ll be worked harder than you’ve ever worked before with a smart and effective training program. It’s not for everyone. But then again, neither are obesity, high blood pressure, physical weakness, shortness of breath or any of the other symptoms of an inactive lifestyle.