[This post is written by Drake Webster, CSCS – Athletic Development Coach at Athletic Lab]

Everyone has opinions or reasons why they train at the place they do, or do they? Many times the question why will get brought up about certain training centers but people have no answer. As a sports performance coach many people in my field claim to be ?experts??, so I have been conditioned to question everything first, research, and form my own conclusions. People should do the same with the people they chose to have train them. Athletic Lab is a place that is built from education, research, and the highest standards of training.

The standards that we have set for ourselves manifests itself in our education, continued learning, and experience. These things make us the most qualified staff in the area. We know that training techniques and programs are being researched every day, so we take pride in continuing our education to make sure our athletes achieve the best possible results in the safest manner.

The high standards are also seen in our facility. We want our athletes to get to the next level and to do that we make sure our facility is kept up date with the gold standard of equipment. You can see this in our top competition bumper plates for Olympic lifts to our indoor track for teaching running mechanics and proper speed work. We have everything any athlete needs to reach the next level and we’re always improving the facility with new upfits and more equipment.

Athletic Lab has the most experienced and qualified staff, the best equipment, and high standards but what makes Athletic Lab special is the people affiliated with it. We put our heart and soul into every program, every workout, and every single athlete’s progression. We are a family and we want others to have the same feeling. Every athlete that trains at Athletic Lab…from our performance fitness athletes, scholastic athletes, or elite and professional athletes are all trained with same care to ensure they achieve their goals.

Athletic Lab is more than a name, it is a vision. We encourage you to make the comparison on staff qualifications, facility, and quality of coaching. We are like no other performance training center and that is why you should choose Athletic Lab!