Would you pay top dollar for artisan french bread from sushi chef? Would you hire a lawyer who’s only formal training was as a mechanic? Would you consider getting open heart surgery from a dentist (hey…they’re both doctors!). The answer to all of those questions should be an obvious and resounding NO. Yet many athletes and fitness enthusiasts don’t recognize that being trained by a typical personal trainer, physical therapist, athletic trainer or chiropractor is no different. Although these are related fields to athletic development and performance fitness they are no different than the example with the two doctors mentioned above. Related is not the same. Athletic Lab is home to the only staff in NC that can boast expertise and experience at the absolute highest levels. Every member of our staff has competed at the NCAA level as well as post-collegiately at the national level in their respective sports. We have DEVELOPED athletes (rather than trained an already developed athlete) to team and individual state and national championships in high school, the NCAA, NASL, and NFL. We are sought out by U.S. as well as foreign national Olympic teams, police academies, and coaching education organizations for our expertise. Our staff boasts more relevant certifications and education than any in the area. If you won’t compromise and value results, there’s only one training center for you – Athletic Lab.