We have a diverse client base at Athletic Lab. Other than rare exceptions like our Open Gyms or when classes overlap though, most never get the chance to meet others in our training community. I say community because that’s what we are. And unfortunately, some may not have ever even met other athletes or clients outside of those who attend their usual training time slots. So who trains at Athletic Lab? As of today our demographics look like this:

  • 58% Elite Olympic sport or Professional Athletes
  • 12% Adults in Performance Fitness class
  • 20% High School or Junior High athletes enrolled in our Scholastic Athlete program
  • 10% off-site athletes who come in for training camps and follow planned training for the bulk of the year

Moving forward we want to build the community so we can all share in our passion for training and development milestones. This was one of the reasons we put in our new wipeboard. The original one (perhaps the world’s largest wipeboard?) is where we put our training records and competition best performances. It’s great as a talking point, keeping track of progress and for letting others know what is possible. Our new wipeboard takes things a step further and provides news from around Athletic Lab, singles out the top client / athlete of the week, and praises top training and competition performances so that we can all share and take pride in what their fellow Athletic Lab trainees are accomplishing. The next step will be to do a weekly feature on an Athletic Lab athlete or client to go over their accomplishments and build our sense of community. We don’t want Athletic Lab to just be a training center….we want it to be an experience.