Why do you cost so much? I can go to the health club, performance center down the block or YMCA for much less. Why should I pay more for you?
~Prospective Client

This is a question that is not unfamiliar to us. The answer is quite simple….we represent the tip of the athletic development iceberg and our prices represent an unbelievable value for what is received. In a nutshell, we are worth every penny and your results will speak for themselves. Compare our staff to our competitors. Check for yourself who has actually DEVELOPED athletes to compete at the national and international levels.

Although today saw the stock market hit levels that haven’t been seen in a year and the recession appears to have bottomed out, price points and spending are still an important point for most Americans. And rightly so. However I think the smart consumer is more concerned with value than just simply price. People don’t want to overpay for what they need and want. Value = benefit / price. You can increase value by decreasing the cost or increasing the benefit. At Athletic Lab, we realize that our prices are higher than some of our competitors but that’s because we know that the benefits we provide to our clients are larger to an even greater margin than the cost. So instead of lowering costs and dumbing down our world class services, we’ve decided to stick to our core values of excellence in athletic development and elite fitness. If these are things that you truly value, there is no better place to train in the triangle than Athletic Lab. So while our competitors may be trying to win the race to the bottom (of pricing), we will continue to offer the ABSOLUTE BEST ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT SERVICES and cater to those who recognize the value in what we have to offer. Sign up for a free trial session today to see if Athletic Lab is right for you.