Random Person: “So what is Athletic Lab?”
Athletic Lab Staff: “Athletic Lab is the premier athletic development and fitness training center in NC”
Random Person: “Oh…so you’re a gym?”

Not really. The modern day gym is a place where people go to do unproductive work without any particular goals in mind. Athletic Lab is a training center. Not a gym.

People come here to train with a specific goal in mind. Some people come here to get faster. Get stronger. Get leaner. Make an Olympic team. Play in the NFL. Others still might just want to get in the best overall shape of their lives. Although the goals are varied, the common ground is that everyone has a goal and is willing to put in the work to accomplish it. This is one of our calling cards….training with a purpose towards a quantifiable goal. Nothing floofy or subjective about that. Just hard goals, a strong desire to achieve them, and a training environment that will allow you to reach them.