Here are the first 3 Challenge Workouts for the Tri-City Fitness Challenge.

WOD 1: Olympic Lifts…. A) Clean and Jerk and B) Snatch.THREE attempts at your max for each lift and we will be following the weightlifting rules (we will explain in detail) and athletes will be able to warm-up and practice before stepping on the “platform”.

WOD 2: 21-15-9 Complete for time…Box Jumps (24″ box men/20″ box women), Kettlebell Swings (24kg men/ 16kg women)

WOD 3: “Twisted Nessa”..Complete for time (25 Minute Cap): 10 Deadlifts, 2x (two rounds) Cindy (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups and 15 Bodyweight Squats), 50 Double Unders…..8 Deadlifts, 3x Cindy, 50 Double Unders……6 Deadlifts, 4x Cindy, 50 Double Unders……4 Deadlifts, 5x Cindy, 50 Double Unders. Deadlift Weight: 225lbs Men and 155lbs Women

WOD 4: To be announced on August 27th