The effects of training are dose dependent. If you commit yourself to train hard and train smart you will get better. This is something we try to stress at Athletic Lab because unlike many in our industry, we REALLY TRULY CARE that you achieve your goals. And we realize this isn’t possible unless a commitment is made on your part. We don’t want to take your money and never see you again. In fact, we NEED to see you twice a week to guarantee results and at least once a week to maintain what you’ve already learned and developed. When we see clients regularly, we can plan training more effectively, ensure that all physical capacities necessary for top-level performance are trained, and make steps forward in development (as opposed to always taking one step forward and one step back) because training can be progressive rather than helter-skelter. We take personal pride in your improvement and want to see you get better and achieve your goals. We know that when you get better it helps us because you become a walking billboard for our services. And we’d rather there weren’t slow, out-of-shape, weak people running around saying they train at Athletic Lab when really they just come once a month. We’re committed to your progress. Show up, bring some effort and we’ll do the rest.