We have some of the most dedicated clients and athletes you’ll ever find at Athletic Lab. They put in their time and often embrace the discomfort associated with the hard physical training necessary to reach one’s goals. Yet, there are still times when the temptation to cheat can get the best of you. Perhaps it’s because you’re exhausted and just want to be done. Maybe it’s because you want to post the best time of the time on a given workout. Or maybe it’s just because you thought no one would see your partial range of motion reps. Whatever the case, we encourage you not to cheat yourself. Everyone here is here to work. No one cares what your score, time or lift was. But everyone cares if you cheat. Be honest with yourself and be honest with everyone else. If you give in to the primitive monkey brain that’s telling you to short the range of motion, cut off a couple reps or skip a round you’re the only one who’s losing out. Push on.