Athletic Lab takes pride in the amazing people who are part of our community. From the elite professional athlete to the incredibly fit mom who squeezes in training sessions before their kids wake up, the Athletic Lab community runs the gamut.

One of those amazing people is Sunny Lee. Sunny is the photographer / videographer / creative mind behind the Athletic Lab promo video along with several other projects at Athletic Lab. She’s also a wife. A mom. And a weightlifter.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Sunny’s recent blogs:

studies indicate that women who weightlift become substantially sexier and wonderful in 6-8 weeks. for maximum awesomeness, where said awesomeness gingerly dews from pores and blotting papers are required, continuous training is recommended.

like many women, i believed weightlifting would beef me up like a sumo with pigtails. as someone whose genetic inclination is to build muscle rapidly, i was hesitant. however, as a mother of two boys who was in dire need of the energy derived from a regimented training program, i drank the kool-aid.

for five months, i weight trained in tandem with a friend whose job is to train. my ass grew an ass. the obliques previously hidden under high thread count sheets of fat appeared. and quads magically revealed themselves from behind a curtain of cellulite.

following the five months, for a month, i swallowed the acidic fear that pooled in my throat and attempted olympic weightlifting. just the sound of it, olympic weightlifting, radiates the smell of insanity and cheap spandex. under the guidance of one of the top sports scientists in the universe (love calling him that), that leap of faith proved unquestionably the best thing i’ve tried since melted cookie butter over yogurt. (see: trader joe’s)

ladies, the ability to throw weight over ones head is the most underestimated feeling in the world. that holy shit man did i just do that!? feeling is pretty phenomenal. really.

You can read the rest of this blog post on Sunny’s website.