12’ Dynamic Warm-up (Multidirectional Locomotion + Dynamic Stretches + Sprint Drills)

Multi-Start Accelerations (Walk-back rest)
1. Side Start 4x10m
2. Prone Side Start 4x10m
3. BWD Seated Start 4x10m
4. BWD Standing Start 4x10m
(Coach calls the direction on all starts. Side starts have 2 potential destinations. BWD starts turn either left or right.)

Power & Strength Development
A1. Approach Box Jump (2 Step) 4×6
A2. MB Slam Variation 3×8(4/4) (Regular, Rotational, Side)

B1. Clap Push-ups 4×8-10
(Elevate hands or use band assistance as necessary)
B2. Wtd. Russian Twists 3x12e