5? Multidirectional Locomotion
5? Hurdle Mobility
5′ Sprint Drills (Lateral Emphasis)

Power Series – 4x
1. 6 MB Throws (2 sets OHB, 2 sets Alt. Hammer Hip Throw)
2. 5e Lateral Skater Jumps (2 sets paused, 2 sets continuous)

Trap Bar Deadlift 5×6
MB Slams 4×6

Scramble Circuit – 2×20?/30? + 10yd Run
1. Push-ups
2. Russian Twists
3. Plank Shoulder Taps
4. Prisoner Squats
5. Mtn. Climbers

Coach’s Notes:
Use slam balls for the MB throws and slams.
Trap Bar can be set-up on the backside of the scholastic racks near the platforms to avoid crowding the scholastic weight room.
Each work interval of the scramble circuit is followed immediately by a 10yd run-out at the start of the rest interval.