Our first client in our Performance Fitness class recently experienced something that I thought made for a great success story. This particular client came to Athletic Lab with little exposure to the type of training that we typically do in this class. And although he had been running several times a week, he was physically weak (his own admission!) and had an unfavorable body composition. So although he was light, he carried some excess body fat that he wanted to lose. He also wanted to get much stronger. This particular client has now been training at Athletic Lab for 6 months and has accomplished both goals. On his first day he couldn’t do a pullup and now he can do almost 20. His squat strength has gone up over 300%. There’s more but you get the point. Well, on a recent international business trip he had a funny experience (although not at the time) on his way back in to the U.S. When he handed his passport to the immigration agents they didn’t believe it was him because his appearance had changed so much from when the picture was taken. He had lost his chubby face and his skin was tighter. His neck and trap muscles were bigger and stronger. They sent him to a second agent who made him verify his identity with other forms of ID before letting him through. Do you want to become lean, strong and fit too? Sign up for our Performance Fitness class today.