10′ Jog Warmup
Dynamic Stretches

Partner WOD: 4 Rounds for Time
300m MB Run 4kg/5kg (Switch who holds the ball as you want)
20m One person lies sideways on the turf. Partner jumps as far as they can then lies down where they land. First partner stands back up runs to where there partner is lying then jumps over them as far as they can. Repeat for 20m
20m Wheelbarrow (switch as you want)
20 Partner Wall Balls (High Bar/Low Bar)
20 MB Sit-ups (Sit Up with MB then throw to your partner at the top, repeat)
20 Push-up to high five (One person does a push-up while the other partner holds plank. When the person finishes pushup then they high five at top. Other partner does pushup)

3x300m Sprint with 1:30 rest