10′ Dynamic Warm-Up
Dynamic Stretches
Hip Strengthening (Bird Dog Series)

14lb/20lb Ball Shuttles: Split into teams of 3-4 people
20m Dynamax Ball Shuttle Run + 40m Shuttle Run
then next person runs
Everyone runs 3x

Rest 2:00

10m Shuttle Run + 20m Dynamax Ball Shuttle + 30m Shuttle Run
Then next person runs
Everyone runs 4x

Rest 4′

8′ Max Reps
Super Burpees
Cal Row
Jump Pullups
Lying to Standing 25lb/40lb
*You can choose whichever exercises you want and switch back and forth however you like. If you want to do all of them then go for it, if you want to just do 8′ of super burpees then go for it!