5? Jog

Split in to 4 teams of 4 (with gender & weight matching if possible)??then for 15 minutes, 3 people run AS A TEAM (must stay together) 400m while the fourth person rows on the C2. When ALL 3 People on the team return, one of the runners exchange places with the rower (on the same machine). The order of rotation MUST stay the same. Score = cumulative meters rowed for the team. A slower run means you put the rower in to a greater fatigue state (and less meters). A faster run, means more exchanges (potentially slowing you down) but a consistently fresh rower. The best strategy is likely to keep the runs fairly moderate while pushing the rows as fast as possible.

5 sets of the 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off of following
KB Swing (24kg/16kg)

Rope Climb Practice