10′ Dynamic Warm-up
Dynamic Stretches

Hurdle Mobility

25′ Partner AMRAP:
50 Wall Balls over the bar (1 partner is on one side of the pullup bar and the other person is on the other side. Sqaut and throw to partner over the bar.) 25 per person
40 Burpees to High Five (both do a burpee and then jump up and high five at the top)
50 Wall Ball Butter Fly Situps (1 person has a ball and does a butterfly situp then tosses it to their partner at the top) 25 per person
40m Wheelbarrow
50 Lying to Standing with 4k/5k MB (1 person does a lying to standing then passes it to their partner standing in front of them who then goes into a lying to standing) 25 per person
300m Run together

2x 4x40m Shuttle Run (down and back on turf)
1 Partner runs then tags their partner next person sprints. Both partners sprint a total of 4 times and then rest 1′ then repeat.