Musical Balls…
Set Dynamax Balls up in the middle of the turf. Everyone runs around the turf. When music stops everyone runs to sit on a ball. Person left standing is “out”. Take away a ball and repeat until 1 person is left! Once you are out you will do an AMRAP at a warmup pace of 10 Burpees, 10 Vups, 10 Lunges, 20 Mountain Climbers
Dynamic Stretches

Partner WOD: 22′ AMRAP
300m Dynamax Ball Carry (both partners run and can switch who carries the ball whenever)
10 Dynamax Ball Butterfly Sit-Ups (each person does a butterfly sit-up and switch who has the ball at the top)
10 Push-ups (Both partners do a pushup then high five at the top)
20m Wheelbarrow
20m Traveling Frog Hops (Person frog jumps over their partner, repeat.)
10 Partner Burpees (Both do a burpee and high five at the top)

12 Alt. Lunge Jumps
40m Run
6 Lying to Standing