8′ Musical Med Balls

Dynamic Stretches

3 Person Team WOD: Count your rounds

20m Plate Push + 20m Plate Run relay style (everyone going 1x=3points)

Rest 1:30

Race to 100 push-ups: only 1 person on the team works at a time. You can only do max 20 at one time.
Time Cap: 5:00
If you finish early you can get extra points by completing 20m sprints relay style on the turf. 20m=1pt
(for every pushup completed you get 1 point. Example: team awesome finishing 100 pushups and completing 12 20m sprints would get 112 points)

Rest 1:30

20m Traveling Burpees Relay Style (every 20m completed = 1pt)

Rest 1:30

10′ Max Calorie Row (switch between partners as you want. You cannot row more than 300m at a time)
Every 50m completed equals 1pt

Total up all of your points: The team with the most points wins!! You get to be team AWESOME for the week. WOOOHOO!!