Performance Fitness Endurance 7.20.19

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Partner Lava Hopping Relay
*each pair gets an ab mat, green plate, and yellow plate. Start at end of turf, put one down in front of you and move forward, stepping only on your equipment, rotating equipment back to front with your partner. 1st team to go down and back on turf wins “Best Lava Hopper”. Don’t touch the turf!

Dynamic Stretches

Partner WOD
8′ Amrap
A: 200m Run
B: 8 Burpee MB Slams + Amrap V-ups until partner returns

2′ rest

8′ Amrap
A: 20m Walking Lunge + 20m Bear Crawl
B: 12 Ab Mat Situps + Amrap Plank Hold (choice: front/side/side)

2′ rest

8′ Amrap
A: 200m Row
B: 12 KB DL HP + Amrap Jump Rope

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