10′ Jog Down James Jackson
Dynamic stretches

12′ Amrap
Buy in: 40m Walking Lunge
Adding 2 Reps every round
6 DB Floor to OH
6 (total) L-Overs
6 Box Jumps
200m Run (stays the same)

12′ Amrap
Buy in: 20e Mountain Climbers
Adding 2 Reps every round
6 MB Slams
6 Slam Ball V-ups
6 Plank Jump Pushups (knees to R Elbow, knees to L elbow, Pushup = 1)
15 Cal Row (stays the same)

Group Plank Challenge Finisher
*line up along the turf in plank position. Person on the end runs to the other side, when they get back to their plank next person goes (like an indian run)
*go until the group gets across the turf – rest 45″ and go back down the turf