2 Rounds
Run from front door to Triangle Trade Dr. and back
10 GM + 10e shoulder taps + 10 walking lunges

Dynamic Stretches

Partner Row Intervals for max distance
On 1:30 interval, switch in and out of rower for 5x each person (15′)
Your total distance covered divided by 10 are “free” reps toward 500. Remaining reps will be accumulated by Wall Balls and/or Pushups (one partner working at a time)

*Immediately after last 90″ Interval go into WB/Pushup (6′ Cap)
*Example: Row of 4000m = 400 reps = 100 more need done between 2 partners

DB Strength 3x
Lying DB Chest Fly x10
Standing DB Lateral Raise x10
DB Staggered Stance RDL x8e