12’ Dynamic Warm-up (Multidirectional locomotion + Dynamic Stretches)

4 Corners Workout
25’ AMRAP (split into 4 groups)

CF Rig
12e Wall Ball Lateral tosses into wall (20/14)
12 Hanging Knee Raises
12 MB/WB Toss Over Shoulder

Turf (in front of WL Platforms)
10/8 Calorie Row
10 Push-ups

Middle of Track
8e SL V-up
8e Plank hip rocks
16e Mountain Climbers

Turf (in front of Raleigh Ortho white line)
10/8 Calorie Ski
14 Lateral Box Step-up Jumps

Work through movements at the station before moving on to the next. You do not have to wait for everyone to be done before moving on.