Performance Fitness Endurance 3.19.20

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Meet inside prior to Warm-up. Weather permitting, workout will be outdoors on soccer field.

12’ Dynamic Warm-up (Multi-directional locomotion + Dynamic Stretches)

Jump Circuit – 2 Rounds EMOM
1. 10 Rocket Jumps w. Half Turn
2. 10 Knee Tuck Jumps
3. 10 Skater Jumps

Tempo Run – 4 laps
Run Length of field (120yds)
Jog Width (80yds)
Run Length
Walk Width

3 Rounds of 12yds each (Width of goal area/small box)
For Quality:
1. BWD Bear Crawl
2. BWD Walking Lunges
3. Crab Walk
4. Lateral Duck Walk

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