Halloween Workout! Costumes permitted and encouraged!

4′ row
3 Rounds
200m Run
5 Inchworms
15 Rocket Jumps

(Split in half if needed)

14′ Amrap (pumpkin is wall ball)
15 Pumpkin catch and release
15e Pumpkin russian twists
16 Pumpkin OH walking Lunges
16 Pumpkin Ab Mat Sit ups
*Run to mini hill and grab a piece of paper from the pumpkin buckets
*If it says Trick, do the “penalty” exercise before continuing on to next round
*If it says Treat, continue with next round (Grab a piece of candy at the end for every treat)

Rest and repeat the same format with the following Amrap

14′ Amrap (your pumpkin is a slam ball)
12 Pumpkin Side Slams
12 Pumpkin V-ups
12 Pumpkin Pushup walk across
12 Pumpkin Rocket Jumps (touch floor jump with it overhead)
*Run to mini hill and grap a piece a paper from the pumpkin buckets