Two weeks ago we experimented with the concept of having a flexible “Open Gym” on Memorial Day. We found it was pretty successful for offering an opportunity for clients and athletes to make up missed workouts or use as an alternative training time. The venture worked so well we’re making it a permanent fixture in our new Summer Schedule. In the Summer schedule, we are offering Open Gym times on Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm and Wed and Fri at 2 pm. Members of the Scholastic Training, Performance Fitness and Elite Development classes can attend the class. Note that the Open Gym sessions are limited to only 1 hour and the workout must be completed in that time slot. The sessions will be instructed and supervised to the same extent as normal class sessions however there may be clients from other training groups in your session. Because of the fact that there may be multiple groups training concurrently we are limiting the number of clients that can attend any Open Gym session to 6 and it is recommended that users RSVP via our scheduling manager to ensure a trainer is available and the class is not overbooked.