Athletic Lab has a vibrant and supportive community of people full of great inspirational stories. These people range from professional athletes, high schoolers and any-thing but ordinary ‘joe blows.’ Moving forward we’ll be profiling one member a month. Meet Robert Wolfe.

That was the theme Robert Wolfe and his best friend had set for a friendly competition between them just over a year ago and “No more excuses” was their motto. The goal? lose thirty pounds before each of their thirtieth birthdays and they would need to do whatever it took to make it happen. The friend? A good looking ex High School football player who had put on more than a few pounds over the years while Robert was the high school tennis player who was experiencing the same. The game was on… sort of…

A spreadsheet was created, shared and weight, food and workout were recorded daily. Robert would turn 30 on October 24th and was holding steady at 240 lbs. “I checked my weight everyday” he says. However, the long days spent at work as an accountant in New Haven CT., and the horrendous commute to home and gym did nothing to assist in helping to win the competition. Additionally, his wife Leslie, also a member of Athletic Lab, had recently graduated from grad school and secured a great job in the Triangle area which meant relocation. Robert was on board, but meant he was going to have to go on job interviews, again. ” I used to wear regular clothes to work, you know, a button up and jeans or whatever.. and then I had prep to start interviewing” he mentions. ” I could hardly fit in to my suit…I couldn’t button my pants or my jacket” , he said and enough was enough.

Fast forward a few months after tax season and finding a home to purchase, Robert and Leslie literally and strategically found a home to buy that was close to a gym. Initially it was O2 in Cary that they honed in on, but they discovered Athletic Lab and gave it a shot. The rest they say is history!

Robert looks and feels like a different person. 25 lbs lighter, much more leaner and 3-4 pant sizes later, Robert has recognized that its not his body weight he needs to worry about, but his body fat percentage and his hard work is paying off. What he likes about Athletic Lab is the attention each member receives when they come in to train, the community, great coaching and the real results one gets by putting in the effort. Robert goes on to say, “Its been 8 months since we joined and we are really happy”.

Cannot forget the Happiness factor and we at Athletic Lab are happy Robert and Leslie found us too!!

Photos and profile courtesy of Sunnysauce Productions