Athletic Lab and Cary CrossFit are all about proven, quantifiable results. That’s why in January, we’re going to have a pull up challenge. The winner will take home their choice of a $25 Starbucks or iTunes gift card. More importantly, they’ll be able to pound their chest with the pride of knowing that they improved more than anyone else in one of the most fundamental exercise movements known to mankind. The rules are as follows:

  • We’ll use the most recent pull up rep max for existing clients. Clients that cannot currently do a pull ups will start with a value of 0.
  • At the end of January we will provide several opportunities to test your rep max. If for whatever reason you achieve a higher rep increase earlier in the month that will count towards the challenge.
  • Our usual in-house movement standard for pull ups will apply:
    • arm straight to chin over the bar on every rep;
    • moderate kip allowed;
    • feet cannot touch the ground at any point;
    • any grip or width can be used.
  • All current Athletic Lab clients are eligible for consideration
  • The winner will be the person with the greatest increase (in reps) over their existing pull up rep max will be declared the winner