Please note the following changes and closure dates as we observe the Christmas holiday. Over the holiday we request that all members RSVP to ensure that we are appropriately staffed. See the scheduling calendar for details but here are the changes (subject to minor changes):

  • Wednesday, December 22nd: CrossFit @ 9am; Scholastic Training @ 10am; Open Gym (CrossFit & Scholastic class) @ 5pm
  • Thursday, December 23rd: CrossFit @ 9am; Scholastic Training @ 10am
  • Friday, December 24th: Open Gym (CrossFit & Scholastic class) @ 10am
  • Saturday, December 25th – Sunday, December 26th: CLOSED
  • Monday, December 27th: CrossFit @ 9am; Scholastic Training @ 10am; CrossFit @ 6pm
  • Tuesday, December 28th – Friday, December 31st: CrossFit @ 7am; Scholastic Training @ 12pm; Open Gym (CrossFit & Scholastic class) @ 5:30pm
  • Saturday, January 1st – Open Gym (CrossFit & Scholastic class) @ 11am
  • Sunday, January 2nd – CLOSED
  • Monday, January 3rd: Return to normal hours