In the final post in this mini-series on how we’re striving to make Athletic Lab the best possible training center it can be, we’ll look at the actual training experience. In our first post in this series we looked at how our coaches are the most qualified in the area and are still striving to separate themselves from their peers through continuing education and certifications. In the second post we looked at the improvements we’ve made to our facility to ensure that even as our numbers grow, we’re able to offer an un-compromised training experience. While those two points are admirable, at the end of the day, what we’re ultimately trying to provide is the best possible training experience for our members. That’s why on this post, we’ll focus on how we’re ‘connecting the dots’ and making sure that our efforts are guided toward that end goal. Here’s some of the things we’ve done to ensure that this is being done:

  • We’ve upped the class size limit to our CF / Performance Fitness class from 15 to 20 to accomodate increased demand
  • We’ve added one to two instructors to every class so that there are now AT LEAST two instructors on every class and in some cases as many as three
  • We’ve added almost 10 hours of class hours for members to take advantage of
  • Our RSVP system now sends out email notices if an RSVP’d member cancels and your wait list status changes to having a reserved class spot
  • We’ve added extra events and skills clinics for our members to take advantage of such as our recent Overhead Squat and Snatch Skills clinic, the monthly Scholastic Combine, and our upcoming Soccer Fitness clinic
  • We’ve added the ability to RSVP via mobile application
  • We’ve added post-workout nutritional options from Gatorade and Vita Coco.

We’re grateful to all our awesome members who make our job easy. We’ll continue to make Athletic Lab the premier training center in North Carolina to serve you better.

Good, better, best; never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best.

~Unknown Author