In the first installment in this mini-series, we highlighted how our coaches have gotten even better over the past couple months. In this post we’ll look at what we’ve done to improve our facility.

We already had more strength and conditioning equipment than any other facility in the area but we went ahead and added more just to ensure we could offer the highest possible quality of training experience to our members as possible. Here are a couple of the additions:

  • 2 Climbing Ropes
  • An additional 20 sets of rubberized dumbbells (over 2,000 extra pounds) to allow for team and group sessions where multiple dumbbell pairs at a given weight are needed
  • 11 Dynamax Medicine Balls
  • 10 new rubberized medicine balls (to bring our total count up to over 40)
  • 12 new kettlebells (to bring our total to 32 total)
  • Doubled the number of our jump-stretch elastic bands
  • Added pullup bars on the outside of the facility
  • New crash mat for our athletes to sprint in to
  • A new “Just Jump” mat for electronically measuring an athlete’s vertical jump
  • Added a set of Jerk boxes for our Olympic weightlifters

We’re obsessed with providing the best possible training experience for our athletes. Our motto is “Training Without Compromise” and we strive to ensure our facility matches that ideal.