[The following is a guest blog by Vanessa Williams. Vanessa is an Athletic Lab intern from ECU]
One of the biggest discouragements while trying to lose weight is hitting a plateau.
Perhaps it’s difficult to understand why your body fat percentage hasn’t decreased since
your last weigh-in or why those last five pounds seem near impossible to lose; whatever
the reason is behind your plateau, it may be time to incorporate higher intensity exercise, especially interval training.

High intensity intervals involves mixing high intensity bursts of exercise
with moderate intensity recovery periods. It’s brutal but has incredible advantages. It’s
the quickest way to get in fit, lose fat and supercharge for fitness.
Interval training can supercharge your fitness, boost your metabolism, burn off that extra
fat and start reaching those goals that you have set yourself.

The great thing about interval training is that you don’t need any fancy equipment and
interval training can be added to your current routine.