Gear up. The Healthy Living Challenge is right around the corner, starting October 5th. In our last Healthy Living Challenge, we had 38 participants lose an average of 2.5% body fat. In this challenge we will be offering various workshops along the way to help you achieve the same result. These workshops will cover various topics, such as foods to help increase energy levels, reduce inflammation, and safe food handling and cooking methods. Most importantly, we will guide you through this 6-week challenge and teach you how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

What does the last HLC winner have to say about their experience?

Thank you so much for putting on the Healthy Living Challenge! It was a great opportunity to commit myself to eat better and workout hard to see what I could achieve. I benefited the most from the body composition and nutritional information. Keeping the food logs and tracking what I was eating was eye opening. It is true, ?You can’t out work a bad diet??. The best part is I’ve been able keep my diet pretty clean since the Healthy Living Challenge. I’d highly encourage anyone at the Athletic Lab interested in lowering their body fat, optimizing their workouts and just getting healthier to participate in the HLC. Thank you for a great program and all the help!

– Keith P.

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Winners will be determined by a point system based on improvement in body composition, performance in the workouts, class attendance, and participation in other activities throughout the challenge.