One of the most common questions we receive via email or phone is what to expect from our Elite Fitness class. People are wondering whether it’s appropriate for an out-of-shape individual. Or someone with an injury. Or for non-athletes. The answer is that it’s perfect for all of the above. In the Elite Fitness class, the goal is to train the everyday person, former-athletes, non-athletes and ‘weekend warrior’ types to have fitness and functional capacity levels ordinarily reserved only for highly trained athletes. The class incorporates principles of Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Crossfit, Military, and sport training in to one hybrid training protocol to allow the member to achieve higher levels of fitness than they ever have. All activities, exercises and loads are scaled so that everyone will be able to truly challenge themselves but workout safely regardless of the fitness level they enter the program with. Instruction on technique, rhythm, and method of execution is given throughout the session to ensure safety and quality of movement.

Here are two sample workouts from a recent week in the Elite Fitness class:

Day 1

  • Dynamic Warmup including static & dynamic flexibility work (12-15 minutes)
  • Strength Development (alternate sets of squats with press with about 1′ rest following each exercise set):
    • Squats: 3 x 7; 3 x 5; 3 x 3 increasing load each set
    • Press Series: 3 x 5 of military press; 3 x 3 of push press; 3 x 1 of push jerk
  • Partner assisted stretching series

Day 2

  • Dynamic Warmup with emphasis on static flexibility
  • Metabolic Conditioning (for time…50 reps, 30 reps, 10 reps of each in sequence; can’t move to next exercise until all reps are completed; can be broken as needed):
    • Kettlebell swing with 54 lb kettlebell
    • Medicine ball (11 lbs) wall squat-n-throw (aka “wall ball”)
    • Burpees
  • Body weight core strengthening routine
  • 3 minute alternating walk / jog
  • Active isolated stretching routine

After only 2 weeks you’ll notice significant improvements in your fitness, body composition, and functional capacity. If you’re using the class as a means of training for another sport you’ll start to see performance gains right away as well. The class will challenge you physically and mentally but once you’ve had a taste you’ll keep coming back for more.