Athletic Lab and Cary CrossFit will be having there 2nd monthly fitness challenge on October 3rd. As announced last month, the challenge will be held at the 6pm CrossFit / Performance Fitness session on the first Monday of every month. All members (Scholastic, CrossFit / Performance Fitness, and Elites) are welcome to attend.

What’s the Challenge? What’s at stake?

Members will complete a workout challenge against one of the members of our staff. If ANY member in the class should beat the staff member, the ENTIRE class will receive 10% off their next month’s membership and the winning member will receive 20% off. Class size will be limited to 12 with slots reserved for those that RSVP via our online membership manager. In the event that someone should beat the staff member, only 12 discounted memberships will be granted with guaranteed discounts to those who RSVP. The instructor leading the session may turn away non-RSVP’d members at their discretion (specifically, if they feel that going above our class attendance cap will interfere with class quality).