We will be holding open try-outs for the first ever Athletic Lab competition team. If you have interest in competing in CrossFit and local, state, and national fitness competitions you will want to be on this team. Here are all the details.

You may perform the competition team try-out workout:
1. During open gym if scheduled with a coach.
2. During Advanced class time slot.
3. As the RX+ WOD on Wednesday (11.6.13).

Here is the try-out workout:
1) Clean Max (squat clean is fine) in 10 minutes

6-8 minutes rest

2) 6′ AMRAP
Buy-In: 40m Sled Push (2 reds each post for men, 1 red each post for women)
then AMRAP
4 Deadlifts (110kg/70kg)
6 Super Burpees

6-8 minutes rest

3) 10 minute Cindy

You may retest one time at any of the time periods mentioned above. Performances on WOD 2 & 3 must be verified with video.

Athletes score will be their rank in gender in their order of finish on each event (similar to the CrossFit Open).