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Cary CrossFit Endurance WOD 6.1.13

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Circuit (20m each)
Spiderman Walks
Alternating Side Lunges
Bear Crawl
Forward Lunges
Backward Crab Walk
Backward Lunges
Forward Crab Walk

300m Jog

Hurdle Mobility

Interval Runs
3x600m on 3’30”
4x300m on 2′

10 frog jumps during each rest period

Core Series

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Cary CrossFit Endurance WOD 5.7.13

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Hurdle Mobility
Sprint Drills

One set resisted then one set unresisted:
Resisted Runs 4x40m
Unresisted Sprints 4x30m

MB Russian Twist 3×12 ea side
Single Leg Hip Bridge 3×10 ea leg
Hindu Pushups 3×10

Around AL parking lot there will be 100m checkpoints.

At …

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