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Performance Fitness Endurance 3.23.19

By Posted in - Endurance WODs on March 22nd, 2019 0 Comments

1 Lap Jog
2′ Bike
2′ Jump Rope
Dynamic Stretches

3 Rounds For Time…
300m Run
2 Rounds of
15 KB Swings
15e Mountain Climbers
300m Row
2 Rounds of
15 SB Rocket Jumps
15e SB Russian Twist

Alt Tabata 20″ on/10″ off x4 each
Hollow Rock
Prone Swimmers (superman …

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Performance Fitness Endurance 3.13.19

By Posted in - Endurance WODs on March 12th, 2019 0 Comments

3′ Row
3′ Jump Rope
Dynamic Stretches

kb swing
Shoulder Tap (ea.)
Ab mat sit up
900m run after finishing 10’s, then…
Rocket Jumps
DB Plank Row (total)
DB Floor Press
900m run after finishing 10’s

3x accessory
Mini Band Lateral Walks
Slider Pikes
Slider Hamstring curls

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