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Cary Crossfit WOD 5.29.19

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8′ Handstand practice (HSPU, Walks, Shoulder Taps, Holds, Wall Walks)

Box Step down 4x6e (start at top, don’t set foot down on floor)
SA DB OH Press 4x8e
SA DB Row 4x8e

For Time
Box Jump (24/20”)
Wtd V-up (10/5kg)

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Cary Crossfit WOD 5.23.19

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Squat Clean + Front Squat 4×2+2, 2×1+2

Pullup Practice
(practice kipping, or CTB, or Muscle up)
(try a set every 1:00 to 1:30, depending on how many reps)

15’ Amrap
300m Row
15 SH. To OH
300m Run
15 Hang Cleans

Rx = 45/30kg
Rx+ …

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