Cary CrossFit Competitors WOD 3.28.14

Open WOD 14.5(rest 10-15′ before transition)

Front Squats:7×3

10×30″ sec. On/ 30 sec. Off for(try and keep 85-90% effort each interval)

Re-do open WOD 14.5( DB snatch 5×2 each arm for daily max if not doing 14.5 again)

10x100m sprints on 2′ interval

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Cary CrossFit Competitors WOD 3.23.14

Open WOD 14.4(rest at least 10-15′ Before moving to next thing) If happy with score, do 5×2 each arm DB snatch daily max

Partner WOD
40m Sled Pushes 2 reds/red and black
10 Thrusters 135/95
*While one partner does sleds the other is […]

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Cary CrossFit Competitors WOD 3.19.14

Snatch: 10×1 daily max

3 TNG clean: Daily max

Back Squat:3×8 across at same weight

3×8 HSPU *Make strict if possible*add deficit if possible

20′ EMOM
Odd: 15 Wallballs
Even:3 power cleans 135/95 and 1 muscle up or 3 pullups/3 pushups

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