Cary Crossfit WOD 9.7.19

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Athletic Lab Weightlifting Team Fundraiser WOD

AL Weightlifting is headed to American Open Series 3 in Daytona, FL. They would love your help in getting them there! Donations can be made at the link here, or at person at Athletic Lab.

“Crossfit Total”
Back Squat
Shoulder Press (Strict)

For each lift, you’ll have 4’ to Warm up/build up, then 4’ to hit the heaviest singe rep possible with no more than 3 attempts at each lift (not counting sets during allotted warm up time)(failed attempts count as an attempt)

Each 4’ interval starts without delay after the previous
Score = total of heaviest set of each lift

3 Person Team WOD
15’ Amrap
A: Row
B & C: Amrap In alternating fashion, completing 1 full round before switching
12 KB Swings (24/16kg)
10 V-ups
8 Pushups

Rower must complete at least 500m before rotating
B & C must complete a full round before switching
*once conditions are met, rotate through the order and continue

Score = total rounds + reps of 12-10-8 amrap

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