KB Swings: 3 x 15 sec
Ring Pullups (when possible): 3 x 8+

Squat (Player’s Choice…you choose…overhead squat, front squat or back squat):
2 x 3 then 1 set of as many reps as possible before failure (men use 95 lbs, 132 lbs, 176 lbs for OH squats, front squats, and back squats respectively; women use 71 lbs, 102 lbs, 132 lbs); score = number of reps before failure (Coaches…scale to a weight that allows for AT LEAST 8 reps).

Non-timed WOD (3x w/ 15 sec between exercises):
Side-to-Side Hop over mini hurdle: 30 sec
Pushups: 30 sec
Med Ball V-Ups: 30 sec
Super Burpees: 30 sec
35 Overhead squats with 95 lbs by the 2007 CrossFit Games champ!