Lateral Jumps: 5 x 20 sec on / 40 sec off

Lunges: 4 x 8 each side
Chinese Row: 4 x 8 ea

“Tremendous Pleasure”
3 Rounds for time with Buy-In and Cash-Out of 150 Jump Rope Contacts or 50 Double Under Contacts (can’t be mixed…you must do all one or the other for the duration of the Buy-In or Cash-Out)
12 Plate Thrusters (55 lbs for men; 33 for women)
8 Super Burpee Pullups (or 8 Burpees + 8 Pullups)
40m Strict Walking Lunges with plate overhead (15 kg for men; 10kg for women…plate must be held at arms length overhead; feet must come together momentarily with the hip fully open at the top of each lunge before proceeding to the next lunge)
40m Run with plate