Clean Pull 6×2

Kelly(25? Time Cap)

BW Squats

Start with 50 reps for all three exercises before moving down in reps
Equipment needed – MB on metal/bumper plate, easy button on 5kg plate for pushups

Select a MB and metal/bumper plate combination that clearly places the hip crease below parallel. The intent of the target is to ensure you are below parallel. Hitting a target that does not place your hip crease below the top of your thigh will non-Rx your performance and record attempt. Likewise, not hitting an appropriate height target voids any attempt

Squats: Butt touches MB at bottom w/ hips crease below parallel and hips fully extended at the top.

Pushups: chest to click easy button at bottom, elbows fully extended at top.

V-ups: Palms have to hit above knees at the top or hands all the way to the floor. Weight needs to be balanced on the butt at the top, back needs to be off the floor. At the bottom, hands hit floor above the head and feet return to gently touch the ground. Legs straight entire time.