DB Snatch 5×4 ea arm

BB or DB Reverse Lunge 5×8 ea leg
Weighted Pullups 5×4-6

Partner challenge…”move things” for time

As a two person team, move ALL of the following, in any order, 20m. All items must be moved to one side and both partners must do 40 burpees before returning ALL items to the other side. Both partners must complete 40 burpees when they have returned ALL items back to their starting location. Moving objects or starting burpees cannot begin until you are completed with the preceding ‘step.’

*5kg MB
*25kg Plate
*20kg Plate
*15kg Plate
*16kg Kettlebell
*24kg Kettlebell (or 55 lb DB)
*25lb DB
*40lb DB
*60lb Sandbag (you can not put any of these objects in or on top of the sandbag)

Items can be carried any way you want, one at a time, two at a time, (all at the same time!), etc; both partners can assist in carrying an item as needed.