Hang Snatch + Power Snatch 5×2+2

3 x 20m Sled Push
3 x 20m Resisted Walk
3 x 20m Backward Resisted Walk

Partner WOD – Each team will carry one 20lb sandbag.
As a team you must complete the following. Both partners can work at the same time.
Buy In / Cash Out: Start at the Go line, around to the Mini Hill for 2 Hill runs and then back around the front side of the building back the start line.
100 BW Squats
80 KB Swings (24/16kg)
60 Pushups
40 V-Ups
20 Pullups
One person has to hold the sandbag at all times – if the sandbag hits the ground you must do 30 Burpees as a team before you continue.