DB Snatch 5×3 each hand

Reverse Lunge 4×5 each
KB Overhead Press 4×5 each
Front Plank 4×10 deep breaths

Boston Strong:
Partner A 40m Plate Pushes (10KG/15KG)
Partner B 40m Farmers Carry (16KG/24KG) – Partner B cannot put down the weights until Partner A finishes (20 Burpee penalty for both partners if weights are put down prematurely)
Both partners switch
Partner A 20 Pull Ups
Every time Partner A drops off the bar, Partner B must complete 10 BW squats before Partner B continues
Partner A does 50 KB Swings (24KG/16KG)
Partner B does 50 Pushups
Switch (cannot switch until both partners finish their 50)