Deadlift: Speed or for Load 7 x 1

Katie: (for time: 21, 15, 9 reps of KB swings and Deload pushups)

Women: 16kg KB; Men: 24kg KB

KB swings: KB needs to go to eye level with the hips fully extended at the top. (You may not “squat” at the top of the movement in an attempt to bring your eyes to KB level to make it appear the KB is higher than it actually is – non-Rx at coaches discretion.)

Deload pushups: hands placed directly under the shoulder, feet in contact with floor the entire time (even at the bottom), hands off floor at bottom, elbows locked out at the top, body moves a single unit- NO ‘inch worming’ or pushing off the floor with the thighs, knees must be FULLY locked out during the entire pushup set and never make contact with the ground. (non-RX for knee pushups or inch worming). Encourage quad contraction to keep the knees off the ground.

Suggested modification (for non-RX performance): Lighter KB and / or reduction of reps.

All record board attempts must be video recorded.

6x300m Runs on 3″ interval (bottom 3 finishers of each heat must perform a 20″ static squat at parallel before next 300m)